About Us

One of the most trusted names in precious metal manufacturing and refining is now a trusted name in the thin film industry. Welcome to DHF Technical Products.

For nearly four decades, our parent company, David H. Fell & Company, has supplied thousands of customers with precious metals products and services.

The CEO of our parent company has over 35 years in the metals field, a background in Materials Science, and is committed to supporting DHF Technical Products as David H. Fell & Company’s newest division.

The workforce at our parent company has very little turnover. The average tenure for a DHF refining team member is around 20 years.

Our parent company has earned the trust of over 3500 repeat refining customers every year. DHF Technical Products is expertly positioned to be your supplier of choice in the thin film industry and we are committed to making sure you receive a quality product, on-time, in-spec, and as promised.

You need an answer or have a question? Start at the top and e-mail or call our President. You will find his contact info on the "Contact Us" page, including his personal cell phone number. When we say, "Customer 1st" we mean it.